The Myopian Defence

Let me tell you a story. First, I need to add some perspective, set the scene. ‘Twas the year of our lord, 2300. Earth, gone. Humanity, almost. Adrift in space, Earth’s lifeboat ‘Myopia’, supposedly a short-term solution to Earth’s habitation crisis, has become the primary refuge for human life, but conditions are fast becoming hazardous. Myopia is ruled by a corrupt government agency that is in bed with an all-consuming gargantuan corporation known as Lysericorp. Mass hysteria is building due to scepticism surrounding the application of several government contracts totalling well over a decillion dollars that Lysericorp have procured. When questioned about the nature of these contracts, a Lysericorp spokesperson would only offer the short and vague summary of the agreements as, ‘Ongoing research in potential facilitation solutions for population management.’ This scared people. The biggest and most pressing issue on Myopia was overpopulation. Every city in Myopia was at capacity. Myopia was once considered to be an unfathomably massive space frigate to the handful of migrants that were lucky enough to be released from the lethal clutches of Earth’s toxicity, but as finite spaces go, it became a little crowded over time. At 1500km2, Myopia was not dissimilar in size to the fallen city of London. It had become so densely populated in the short two hundred years of occupation that the populace tripled the London record, sitting at around twenty-seven million. Previously called Vita by authorities, this label was far too optimistic and hopeful for the likes of Earth’s refugees. Escaping the creeping nuclear fallout of the great war of 2044, they were a gloomy bunch, and wanted an adequately sombre title for their new home on what was initially a vast spacecraft carrier created for the sole purpose of launching fruitless planetary terraforming expeditions. The designation was supposed to ensure that they did not forget about what they did to Earth, lack of foresight, that kind of thing. Clearly this hadn’t worked, they had reduced Myopia to an almost inhabitable wasteland just as they did Earth, albeit the culprit this time was love and not war. They hadn’t bothered to figure out the succession plan for when Myopia became overrun until it was too late, and it was now bursting at the seams. Indeed the greater expanse of megaship cities that surrounded Myopia were also overrun, like small skiffs congregating around a dock, with nowhere to travel to (more accurately they had an entire galaxy they could explore but a concurrent fuel crisis meant they would not get far, and long winded, exploratory, cryo-sleep ‘fingers crossed’ expeditions never ended well anyway), and so drifted aimlessly waiting for the opportunity for a boarding invitation from crowd control. And yet they remained, stagnant but with a glimmer of hope that soon there could very well be the possibility of a few million vacancies opening up in Myopia. This renewed optimism that Myopia may be willing to change policy on migrants was not without its merits. Whilst the air quality, diseases, social networked suicides, violent criminal organisations and terrorism factions did their best to mitigate the issue of the astronomical population of Myopia, these were but rain drops on the fire. What was causing the widespread panic recently was the random disappearances of thousands of citizens per day. The public genially referred to this phenomena as Flitting, due to reports of victims flickering just before they were erased from existence. The broader epidemic of disappearances was aptly labelled The Evanescence. The Evanescence was much more comparable to a tidal wave on the fire, and the public and the media had come up with a barrage of potential theories as to what was causing the situation. The most popular theory was that the Myopian government (officially, The Myopian Global Council), had designed a covert system to exterminate citizens on a large scale, but there was no evidence to support this thus far and there were many questions left unanswered. Of course, I know what was causing these anomalies, but it would ruin my story and forfeit the necessity for our personal contributions, which would be a shame. The devil is in the detail, or so I’ve been told. I’ll try not to get in the way too much, instead, I’ll provide the point of view of the most pivotal players. And so, the events that I would like to document in all their chaotic glory, should be approached from the middle, with a rather sub intelligent being by the name of Abe. In actual fact, what Abe achieves marks him as the most noteworthy person of all time, but put that aside, I’m getting ahead of myself. I will elaborate from time to time in order to add perspective, for posterity, for efficacy, and so that documentation of the account can be complete. Recreations, internal monologues and viewpoints are courtesy of neural downloads directly from the sources in question. I could of course simply tell you the story, but, as the people of Myopia would say, where would be the fun in that? So, we will pick up when…

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