About Time

Today we ponder the 2013 Time Travel romance flick About Time. Instantly impressed with the casting – you never can go wrong with Bill Nighy and the gorgeous Rachel McAdam’s lights up the screen as she does any other set – but the wild card here is Domhnall Gleeson, a refreshing protagonist and an interesting choice for the lead in a romantic time travel drama. After summering with the family at a relaxed holiday house by the sea, Tim (Gleeson) has his heart stolen by Charlotte (a young Margot Robbie), and resigns himself to the fact that she is way out of his league and hardly worth despairing over. That would have been the end of it, and would have made for a fairly short film, had Tim’s father (Nighy) not stepped in with the illuminating news that all of the men in the family are able to travel back in time after their 21st birthday. Convinced his father is having him on, Tim gives it a crack to find that he can indeed travel back to any moment in his life that he has already experienced, and is able to in turn change the future to his liking, as long as he keeps within certain parameters. He tries using his time travel trick to woo Charlotte, but finds that no matter which way he goes about it, she simply isn’t interested. Tim moves on, to London, pursuing a career in law, and thus begins his true quest for love after a chance meeting in a restaurant where Tim and Mary (McAdams) dine in the dark on a quite literal blind date. They hit it off, but Tim, in his effort to constantly perfect the now and help his father’s friend by travelling back in time, misses his chance at his first date with Mary, and has to devise new ways to meet her and impress her for the first time (again). This high concept look at redoing all the awkward moments in life is clever, and funny at times, but the retakes on scenes that are done twice and sometimes three times can feel like a bit of a grind. The deeper message of focusing on the important things in life manages to shine through though, and Gleeson brings a performance that craftily draws you in, gets you on side and engages enough so that you really do want to see him succeed. Time travel fun with none of the annoying focus on time paradoxes and time cops. Four out of five ğŸŽžğŸŽžğŸŽžğŸŽž

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